Old Post Road's Videos

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  • Film maker Bob Giordani has produced a well-crafted documentary about the ensemble's history and sources of inspiration. Complete with interviews and performance excerpts.

  • During Old Post Road’s recording sessions for the Roman Handel CD last spring, another artist was busy with a parallel creative pursuit: filmmaker Bob Giordani was recording footage for making short documentary films about the ensemble. The first of his projects—a film of the nightingale aria from Bononcini’s cantata Fuori di sua capanna was completed in the early Fall and posted on YouTube soon after. Bob’s atmospheric, clever, and artful insider’s view of the performance has garnered praise and considerable attention, with over 1,000 hits already in its relatively short posting time.

  •  Reel Nutmeg historical dancers bringing to life 18th-century dance as would have been enjoyed in George Washington's circle at Musicians of the Old Post Road's season finale concert at Faneuil Hall.


  • A complete performance of the chamber version of Benda's masterful melodrama. From our YouTube Channel.