Program Offerings

Roman Handel

“The ensemble gets “an “A” in imaginative programming, and certainly on this occasion, for performance as well.”  — The Boston Musical Intelligencer

Fiery and lyrical works by the young George Frideric Handel and several Italian contemporaries: a rediscovered flute concerto by Gasparini, rare cantatas by Lulier and Bononcini, a trio sonata by Corelli, and Handel’s passionate cantata Tu fedel, tu costante.


The Bohemians

“Musicians of the Old Post Road assembled a program full of charm and some special delights, and elegantly played. It carried us briefly back to a musical salon in Prague some two centuries ago.” — The Boston Musical Intelligencer

This program uncovers the brilliant, innovative virtuosi who took  Europe by storm in the Classical era. Selections include a colorful and clever flute quartet by Gyrowetz, a dramatic flute trio by Carl Stamitz, a darkly expressive piano trio by Dussek, an elegant piano concerto by Štepán, and a period arrangement of a gorgeous Mozart aria from an opera performed in Prague.

Winter’s Cheer

“...the main story was MOPR’s devotion to the unexplored corners of music history and their advocacy through insightful, engaged performance.”
  —The Boston Musical Intelligencer

This festive program celebrates Winter and the holiday season with a selection of Shakespeare songs by Thomas Arne, a Boismortier cantata capturing the delights and dramas of the season, noëls by Delalande, a colorful December-themed trio sonata by Werner, and a rare period arrangement of Vivaldi’s Winter concerto from The Four Seasons.

With guest soprano Kristen Watson

In Celebration of Spring   

It is always fun to hear our musical favorites...but it is also a treat to encounter new music. This was a delightful concert.”    —Worcester Telegram

This lovely and varied program features cantatas and arias by Boismortier, Pepusch, and Bononcini, a period arrangement of Vivaldi’s vivacious Spring concerto from The Four Seasons, the colorful programmatic April suite by Werner, and a “musical flower bouquet,” plucked from a collection by Oswald.

With guest soprano Kristen Watson

Philadelphia Story

“an afternoon of delightful, joyful and accomplished music-making.
Kudos to the Musicians of the Old Post Road for a fresh and unusual bit of programming.”  —Worcester Telegram

Classical sounds of early America are captured in this revelatory musical portrait that includes some of the United States’ first, fine composers who populated the lively and sophisticated music scene in Federal Philadelphia. Works include violin and cello sonatas by Raynor Taylor, an inventive piano trio by John Christopher Moller, a sonata for flute and piano by Pleyel, playful “anonymous” duets for flute and violin, and a period arrangement of Haydn’s Symphony no. 85.

The Parisian Classical Salon

This program explores the lively and varied musical milieu of French Classicism and includes Ignace Pleyel's Grand Trio op. 29 for piano, flute, and cello; an engaging duo for piano and violin by Nicolas-Joseph Hüllmandel, a brilliant trio for flute and strings by François Devienne, a probing piano trio by Nicolas Séjan, and an ebullient piano quartet by André-Ernest-Modeste Grétry based on themes from his operas.