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A period instrument ensemble offering rediscovered musical compositions that have been lost to audiences for centuries.

Georg Benda: the legacy of the German melodrama

Little known German composer Georg Benda was responsible for the early success of German stage works, in particular, the melodrama.

Benda was born to a musical family. His mother, Dorota Brixi, came from a famous musical line, and his father, Jan Jirí Benda, was a local village musician and weaver. Georg Benda’s first job was as a violinist in the Prussian court orchestra, where his brother Franz had already found employment under King Frederick the Great of Prussia.

New Praise for “Roman Handel”

In the opening of his review of our “Roman Handel” CD for Early Music America magazine (September 2014 issue), Andrew Sammut states that albums by Musicians of the Old Post Road are “welcome opportunities for the rest of the world to hear what New Englanders have enjoyed for over 25 years.

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